Overnight play session at English mansion

During my stay at the English mansion we filmed a 24 hour session before Broken in 24 to watch how long term BDSM abuse can break a slave but even he was allowed to sleep in a cage for set periods. This time we decided to make the action relentless and for it to take place all night long with an already tired slave – with much of the action taking place outside in the cold. So here are a few photos from the upcoming epic movie A Night At The Compound where Mistress Sidonia & I set about a hapless slave who is sleep deprived, soaking wet, cold & demoralised, taking his punishments and suffering further and further as the night goes on.

Click here to video the trailer and gallery http://www.freefemdompics.net/mc/tem/2e11/506/517/22/1203977/