Happy Halloween

Wow Have I been busy!

I am so happy to get some rest. I have barley had a minute to myself & have been going non-stop for months. Take a look at my recent schedule, think you could keep up?
I must be one of the hardest working women in BDSM, my friends and family think I am crazy for running around so much. That schedule is still not including all of my regular day to day maintenance of emails, phone calls, video editing, booking sessions, sessions, booking future shoots.

If I have not gotten back you don’t take it personal, I have not even gotten back to myself. Write me again ­čÖé

Sept 1Fly to Boston
Sept 2-7 Drive to Montreal
Get sick with flu
Sept 7 Drive back to Boston
Sept 7Go to Lady Gaga Concert same day I get back form Boston still sick with flu
Sept 12-19 Sessions and video shoots
Sept 21-27 Mexico
Oct 1-7 Sessions and video shoots
Oct 9 Philadelphia shooting
Oct 10 DC Fetish Ball
Oct 13 Shoot
Oct 15-19 Nashville attending Rope workshop
Oct 20 Shoot
Oct 21-25 Coral visits DC
Oct 23-24 Fly up to Boston for extended session


DC fetish Ball

I had a Blast with Ms Coral & Jenni at the DC Fetish Ball last weekend.

I leave for Montreal Wednesday

Hmm reminds me I should call my cell provider so I don’t end up with a roaming bill.

First I fly to Boston to meet up with my hott Dom friend Goddess Deanna, then we are road tripping it┬áup┬áto Montreal for 7 day of CRAZY FETISH FUN at Montreal’s fetish weekend! We have so much fun dominating slaves together, I am sure we will take over the town.

Coral Korrupt in DC Aug 13-17th

Coral Korrupt is visiting DC Aug 13-17 get ready to be torn apart slaves. She is free for solo sessions as well as doubles with me.

More info on her website CoralKorrupt.com

E-mail: MsCoralKorrupt@yahoo.com

You will not be forgotten

We still miss you badly.

In memory of my friend Miss Veronica Hoffman 11/7/79 ~ 8/2/09


I was just in Boston, sorry to all the slaves that tried to get in contact with me. I was so busy with double sessions from Goddess Deanna’s slaves I didn’t have time to meet new ones. ┬áBut I do hope ┬áto visit again soon, Goddess Deanna and myself were some hard working Mistress’ ass week. We shot a bunch of hot new videos, and had so much fun playing with all her sub’s.

We also got to go to a leather flee on Sat, I picked up some great new steel restraints. Inescapable steel gives me such a hard-on.  My luggage was 10lbs heavier on the way home.

Now that I have some tech help with my videos, I have decided to start taking sessions with a few new sub’s again while home in MD/DC. ┬áSlaves┬árejoice! ┬á I have been slacking on e-mails lately, so send me another if you have not heard back from me. ┬áDon’t take it personal if I didn’t respond, my inbox just gets overwhelmed.