Month: August 2011

Backyard Domination

Coral is visiting town this week and it means we will be causing havoc on all submissive males that cross our path this week. The week kicked off with a nice male making us dinner 🙂 and in order to repay him we drug him outside peed on his clothes, poured dirt down his pants, and laughed at him while ordering him to jerk off.

We had some more garden fun by pouring bad smelling garden products on his hard cock.How creative, we can create a scene with common household products…..

He was super smelly with pee, dirt and goop all over his body so we decided to be nice and hose him down.

Make sure to clean in the crack! los angeles dominatrix


Then I peed on his pillow before bed, Goodnight!~

Grrr…. phone troubles

Looks like a bunch of the emails I have been sending out via my phone have not been going through….. I will try and rewrite everyone from my computer.


Friends visiting Los Angeles in August

Lots of friends visiting Los Angeles this month! I am always happy when my dominant friends come visit my dungeon, we always look forward to playing together on video and in session.


Coral Korrupt in Los Angeles Aug 17-21


Ms Mona Rodgers in Los Angeles the week of August 22nd

Here are some thumbnail images from videos we have shot together.